Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Back to Stitching

It's been nearly a year since I logged into this blog spot. I can't believe it's been that long. Time has flown by with all the usual occurrences, work, home renovations, family life, etc. but still, a year?! I've watched so many of the online stitchers complete great projects and have decided it's more than time to jump back in. In the spring, I joined a local stitching guild and that really started the process of reconnecting with friends and stitching in general. I didn't realize how isolated I had allowed myself to become. Not good really.

The Guild has selected several year-long project for the members to choose from. I have selected His Eye is on the Sparrow. I'm a month behind but hoping to catch up, starting today. I have been looking at several stitchers online and trying to follow their lead with how to organize such a large project. This is going to be a challenge given my work travel but I am excited to give it a go.

Any and all advice for this project is welcome! TTFN!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 And a List of Goals

Hey there all! Happy day 4 of a new year!

I'm not really one to set New Year's resolutions but I decided to give it a try this year. Instead of typical resolutions, I've decided to create a list of goals for 2015. I need to put back into my life a few things that were sacrificed in 2014. Time with my grandbabies, time with my hubby, and time with my sewing room!

I've had a few weeks off over Christmas and New Year's and with a few exceptions of calls from the office with stuff I had to deal with, actually went into the sewing room and reacquainted myself with many wonderful projects waiting for time with me. I have also been able to spend wonderful time with my beautiful grand boys! They are just so amazing! The best kind of entertainment and joy! One is six, one is two, and the other is 7 months. Their laughter just makes the day shine!

Today I drove up to see my dad for his birthday. It was another really good day! We spent the whole afternoon just laughing and talking and enjoying time together. Another very important add back for 2015.

Tomorrow I go back to work. I am going to make it a better year. I still have to work, kids are still in college, but I don't have to work so much. BALANCE. The is my word for 2015. Until next time, TTFN!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Quick Check In

   Good evening! I didn't want to get too far off from a quick update before Halloween. The grandbabies are dressed as The Incredibles! LOL! Fitting if you knew the energy of the 21 month old:) He keeps us all on the go! So much fun! Baby Elias has started rolling over and now figured out that you can roll repeatedly and get to some place new! Amazing how they put that together. Christmas should be a real adventure with them. I know once upon a time I had four of my own at home but I don't remember being as busy as one Little Vince!
  Very early Saturday morning the hubby and I are headed to Utah to pick up a new addition to our furry family members. A beautiful new colt! He is off his mom and ready to be brought to his forever home in Colorado. So it will be a very early start and a long day back but hopefully uneventful. I've never hauled such a young horse so keep your fingers crossed for us.
  I think that covers it for now. I plan on having a stitching update by Sunday:) Until then TTFN!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stitching Groove

Well it's been a super, really crazy long time since I logged into this BlogSpot to post. I wish I had some incredible story about why I've been away but the truth is our lives have just been a whirlwind! I'm talking about Wizard of Oz style tornado! Today was a sort of Dorothy waking up in her bedroom with Aunt Em by her side day. Today for the first time in literally years, my two dearest friends and I met at a new stitch shop. My friends lives have taken them on different paths over the last couple of years. One relocated to a different state more than half way across the country. The other has just had life direct her on some different and challenging paths that didn't seem to offer a lot of time. My life has seen another daughter get married and the blessing of another grandson!

It was funny how today worked out. This shop is in a destination type of neighborhood, not on the beaten path. When we arrived, the shop was literally empty. Not a customer anywhere, just the shop owner. We enjoyed several hours perusing their extensive inventory, so many threads have come on the market since we were last stitching; it was just amazing! It was if the years and miles just faded away. When we did finally depart, the shop owner asked us to please come back. She also offered us to schedule our own private stitching time if we wanted to. She said could tell there were a lot of years of friendship there and she likes to offer all of her customers private stich group times. We could just call and schedule it. She was so nice. It reminded me of how stitch shops should be; Meeting places where creativity and friendships bloom.  Not the super store, impersonal, hurry up buy something and get out store that so many of the big box stores have become. They are places where faces and names mean something more than dollars. I didn't realize how much I missed being away. How much I have tucked myself away and not just because of life but because of feeling unimportant except for my purchase.

I left this shop wanting to reconnect with my love of stitching. I've been gone too long. So I have a new Santa to begin working (compliments of the shop). This Santa has a particular happy face! You might say smiling eyes! Just like me! Until next time, TTFN!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Hot Summer

  Hey there! I don't know where you are but here in Parker, it is just miserably hot! I know it's summer but when it goes over 90 degrees, it's hard to be cheerful. Everything is so dried out. I am having to water every evening to keep the garden alive. My poor pumpkins:(
  I haven't been stitching but I have been quilting. I finally started working on a shop hop quilt I've had for oh, let's say a few years!! I really didn't mean to let it sit for so long, but life just kept me a bit busy with other things. I finished two puzzle blocks that I must admit I'm pretty pleased with. Now just 10 more to go! I think the heat must be getting to me.....
  I have been thinking about starting a new project, stitching project, that is. By now everyone knows I have a thing for pumpkins. I also love my dachshunds. Awhile back, I bought a chart by Plum Creek Samplers called, "Halloweenies". I think it might be a perfect fit.
  Well, I think that covers it for tonight. I hope this finds you all well and COOL! TTFN!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Long Time Gone

  Well, it has taken long enough hasn't it? I am still around and still reading many of my favorite blogs, but I haven't posted in ages. Somewhere along the line of the aftermath of Gianna's wedding life became super crazy! I have no idea of where the last 9 months have gone. Actually that's not quite true. Our family has grown a bit.
  We have our first grandson! Vincent was born on January 18th. Since he has come along, priorities have changed and grand baby playtime is at the top of the list! I have decided that people who have told me how wonderful grandchildren are, were in fact very correct. We are having tons of fun playing with our newest family member. Gianna and Camden are both super happy to share! Good thing, I'd rather not have to go over their heads if I don't have to:)

  In April, we moved big Vince's mother into an assisted living center. Her Alzheimer's has progressed to the point of necessitating this so it is a good (but sad) thing. We were fortunate to find a facility relatively close to her home area so she can still go to her church and see friends. When the time comes, we will also be able to upgrade her level of care without having to relocate her, so that is helpful as well in terms of the big picture.
  May rolled in and found us baptizing the baby and graduating our youngest son from high school. Baby Vince is a much bigger boy than my children were at his age. He is currently the size his momma was at a year old! Needless to say, I had to make a new baptism gown that would fit. I have no idea why I do this to myself but I do....consistently! But all's well that ends well so they say and the gown was ready at 8pm the night before the baptism. Lesson learned. Next grandchild ..start baptism gown while still pregnant...check!
  I have no idea how four years has gone by so quickly with Dominic. High school seems to have just flown by with him. So, last weekend was the big party. It was great! Lots of family came in and celebrated with Nic. He has elected to start college this summer instead of waiting for the fall semester. So...off to college he goes in two weeks. The good news is he has decided to stay at home for his first year, whew!
Very happy picture of the graduate, proud Grandpa and baby Vince!
  Until next time, TTFN!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wedding Pictures

Hey there! As promised, I have wedding pictures to share. I don't know who was more excited to get them, my daughter, my husband, or I?! We met up with Juan (the photographer) on Sunday afternoon to pick them up. It was so much fun to look at all of the photos he and his assistant Andrew took. Those guys did an amazing job! Juan presented us with 759 images from the wedding.
 Daddy and his girl getting ready for the big walk! Once they started down the aisle, Vince had to keep whispering to Gianna to slow down:) She was so nervous!
This is our oldest son, Demitri and his girlfriend sweetheart Jessica.
 Gianna and Camden having a wonderful time on the dance floor!

Gianna and baby brother Dominic! She still thinks of him as baby brother but he is over 6' tall:)
We had such a great time. I think Gianna and Camden will have very happy memories of their wedding for a very long time to come. I am going to end this post here and hope these pictures make you smile too! Until next time, TTFN!