Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stitching Groove

Well it's been a super, really crazy long time since I logged into this BlogSpot to post. I wish I had some incredible story about why I've been away but the truth is our lives have just been a whirlwind! I'm talking about Wizard of Oz style tornado! Today was a sort of Dorothy waking up in her bedroom with Aunt Em by her side day. Today for the first time in literally years, my two dearest friends and I met at a new stitch shop. My friends lives have taken them on different paths over the last couple of years. One relocated to a different state more than half way across the country. The other has just had life direct her on some different and challenging paths that didn't seem to offer a lot of time. My life has seen another daughter get married and the blessing of another grandson!

It was funny how today worked out. This shop is in a destination type of neighborhood, not on the beaten path. When we arrived, the shop was literally empty. Not a customer anywhere, just the shop owner. We enjoyed several hours perusing their extensive inventory, so many threads have come on the market since we were last stitching; it was just amazing! It was if the years and miles just faded away. When we did finally depart, the shop owner asked us to please come back. She also offered us to schedule our own private stitching time if we wanted to. She said could tell there were a lot of years of friendship there and she likes to offer all of her customers private stich group times. We could just call and schedule it. She was so nice. It reminded me of how stitch shops should be; Meeting places where creativity and friendships bloom.  Not the super store, impersonal, hurry up buy something and get out store that so many of the big box stores have become. They are places where faces and names mean something more than dollars. I didn't realize how much I missed being away. How much I have tucked myself away and not just because of life but because of feeling unimportant except for my purchase.

I left this shop wanting to reconnect with my love of stitching. I've been gone too long. So I have a new Santa to begin working (compliments of the shop). This Santa has a particular happy face! You might say smiling eyes! Just like me! Until next time, TTFN!

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