Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Super Cold Day!

  Hi everyone! I am so ready for sunshine and spring. Today we are super cold, -5, and have snow to spare. I'm trying to remember that the snow means moisture which I know will eventually mean green grass and flowers but that seems a very far off time right now.
I have no idea where the month of January went and what happened to the days following Stock Show but wow! Here's February. This past weekend my friend Marcia and I went to the sewing expo in Denver and got super excited about some of the very cool stuff people are marketing. I haven't attended the expo in a number of years because it kind of became the same old thing so seeing so many new and really creative people, companies, and products was very invigorating! We met a vendor visiting from Main who had brought lovely new wools to make penny rugs and fun pincushions with. There was also a woodworker who had created a beautiful sewing machine cabinet and freestanding spool holders out of cherry and hard maple wood! They were hard to resist but you can bet I got a card:) When I got home after battling a snow storm that had rolled in while we weren't looking, I was motivated to get back into my sewing room and dig out the quilt I was working on back in the fall. I am so excited to get working on it again. I also called and signed up for my church's monthly quilting group which will meet once a month. My sewing machine is about to get a real workout:)
  I am going to try to get back into the swing of posting again. In the meantime, I have adopted two new friends from the Denver Dumb Friends League! I have blogged about my little dachshund girls, Fraulein and Izzy. Frau is getting up there is age so we decided it was a good idea to bring in a couple of new additions so that she could teach them to be as great as she is:) We now have a Fiona and Stella to add to the list. They are adorable and such sweet little ladies. Frau especially loves Stella who is about a year old. She mother's here and Stella just thinks Frau is great because she knows where the best hiding spots are for bones....needless to say right now it is pandemonium but we love it! We love our little girls!
 I think that catches everyone up for now. Until next time stay warm and TTFN!

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