Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year

  Hi there everyone. I have finally found my thoughts again and decided to write something. First I want to say thank you to all of you for your kind words after Shadow died. It is very comforting to know other people out there love their furry family members as much as I do! So thank you once again.
  I am so glad a new year has arrived. I am not much for the whole New Year's celebrations and such but I do hold out hope in the privacy of my home(usually watching an old classic movie in bunny slippers) for good things in the new year. This year our family is anxious for the month of May to arrive. Vince and I will celebrate 23 years of marriage on the 7th! We have just found out that also on May 7th Gianna will graduate college! Woo hoo and woo hoo again!! We are so proud of her and the hard work she has put in to finish her degree with Honors. You can bet when that day comes I will have a camera in hand!
  I am also making a promise to myself this year to do more service work. I really enjoy helping out as a volunteer and decide to try to put n a few more hours this year. I haven't decided just where yet but I am looking at a couple of different options.
  January means National Western Stock Show for my family. It kicks off this Saturday and runs through Sunday the 23rd. It gets a little crazy around here but we always have a great time and get to see friends from across the country. I will make sure to take a few pictures this opening weekend and get them put up on the blog next week.
  The picture at the top of this post is of a fire truck at last Spring's trade show. I work for a company that designs fire and emergency apparatus for municipalities. We then have those vehicle's manufactured by Rosenbauer. I thought I would post something a little different than usual, also because I haven't stitched at all in three weeks:( I really liked this particular truck because of the grill!Who says girls can't like big trucks??
  Well, I think that covers it for now. Good night and TTFN!


  1. Nice fire truck! Faaancy! lol! Sounds like you have an exciting year ahead. Congrats on the upcoming anniversary and graduation of your daughter!

  2. Wow - great truck! You're right - who says girls can't like big trucks? Really neat to see the type of trucks you spec out. I like the grill too - any chance we could get one like that for our cars?
    Happy Stock Show - just try to keep the freezing "stock show weather" away, will you?
    Will you be at any particular booth so that we can look for you?

  3. It sounds like you have an interesting job! And a fun year ahead, too. :) Congrats on the upcoming graduation of your daughter--you must be So proud!