Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My oh my, time does fly!

Well hello there! Okay, so my "on a roll" for stitching time has really gotten goofed up! The wheels have really fallen off the last three weeks. Things at my office are insane, and not in a good way. Throw in a business trip and voila! No blog updates and no stitching time.
 Let me start by saying my flight home yesterday from Minnesota was Awful! It was one of those flights which before it even left the gate was not off to a good start. The fueling valve on the right wing got stuck closed so they could refuel the plane. The once that was fixed, it got stuck open after refueling. At one point there were 10 fleet maintenance guys and two "suits" standing around the wing all looking upward. I am sitting there in seat 28F knowing this is not a good thing. The attorney sitting next to me says, "it will be okay. I mean it's just fuel". REALLY?? REALLY?? Where to start.... So 45 minutes later we are finally airborne. About 20 minutes later the pilot comes on to announce that we are not landing at DIA in Denver, weather has moved in and we will be landing in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs airport is a three hour drive from DIA in great weather let alone a massive spring blizzard that is closing down the interstate highways. That was a phone call I did not want to make to my DH. About 45 minutes after that the pilot comes back on to say we are now going to attempt to land at DIA but for the remainder of the flight, the flight attendants must reamin seat due to predicted bad turbulance. Bad was an understatement! We finally landed 2 hours late amid whiteout conditions mixed with thunder and lightning. It was unbelieveable. Once I found my hubby and we got to the car it quickly became apparent we were not going to make it home. The roads were unreal, so the hotel search began. We were able to score a room on the fifth try! I can honestly tell you, I did not stop shaking until around 11pm ( I landed at 6:45). I haven't been so scared in quite some time.
  The upside to my recent travels was St. Paul Minnesota. What a great city! Even though I was there for work I did manage to take a look around just a little bit and of course check out the Mall of America! WOWY ZOWY! It is absolutely huge! I was in shopper's heaven. But I think my favorite find was Rice Park in St. Paul. I had to walk about 6 blocks from my hotel to the River Center where the classes were being held and happend across this great park. I have posted one of my favoite statues photos. See what you think. St. Paul was the birth place of the great Charles Schultz! What a great place! The photo above is of the Landmark Center. Can you say gorgeous building? I will definately head that way this summer for a family trip. Until next time(with stitching pics) TTFN!

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  1. Okay, I'm still laughing at the 'it's just fuel' comment. I think I would have vaulted off the plane right then. Yikes. I don't enjoy flying but it's a necessary evil, I suppose.

    I see that you're reading "Water for Elephants". LOVED that book! Did you know it's being made into a movie? Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson (think Twilight) is going to be in it. I can not WAIT!

    Loved the statues!