Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making great progress

  I am so happy with the progress I made this last week on French Heart. I promised myself I would work at least one hour each night and thankfully I was able to do just that. I think I should be very close to finishing this one up by the end of this week.
  I went into town yesterday to pick up my copy of Autumn at Hawks Run Hollow. I cannot wait to get started but I really want to finish what I am working on, I guess it's the principle of it. I was looking through the chart and just love the pumpkins and that turkey...OMG! So cool! Those of you who know me know that I have a sort of thing for turkeys...not sure where it came from.
  I have been reading the Time Traveler's Wife. I know I'm a little behind the tide on this one but what a really enjoyable book. I think when I finish I'm going to pick up the movie. Anyone out there seen it? I have heard mostly good things about it but a few who didn't appreciate the casting. Opinions on this are welcome.
  Well I think that covers it for now, so until next time, TTFN!

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