Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ready for Spring

 Well, I'm happy to report that I have made some progress on French Heart. Not as much as I had hoped but progress all the same. Sorry that the picture is golden, not sure why but there you have it. The colors in this sampler really make me want spring to just move right in. This morning I woke up to a really nice snow storm. But like all weather here in Colorado, by this afternoon it was gone, and the weather was gorgeous and sunny. We had around 4" of snow and tonight as I am posting this only trace amounts remain. As much as I am over winter, I do love the green and flowers that these crazy snow storms bring.

 For Easter I thought I would make something unusual to take to the family gathering. I decided to make lemon custard in meringue cups. My oldest son has celiac disease and I am always looking for something we can all enjoy. It also helps me to continue to prove to him that having celiac's doesn't mean eating boring food. I am very happy to report that they turned out great. It also helped me use up some of the eggs our chickens have been busy laying.
 So I think that covers it for this posting. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. Until next time, TTFN!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those lemon custard meringue cups look so good!

  2. French Heart is coming along nicely!
    I've never made meringue cups before, they sound very yummy!

  3. Meringue everything seems to be big here in Ireland... I've never heard of it with lemon custard, though--that sounds good!

    Nice progress on your SB.