Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to say Good Bye 2009!

 I am sitting here thinking about how grateful I am that this year is just about over. One more day. Maybe that sounds harsh but this has been a doozie of a year for my friends and family. I know that the struggles we are given are meant to bring us greater strength and faith but the human being that I am is ready for a new year. I am so very grateful that those in my immediate family are all safe and healthy, we have survived! And for my family not relate by DNA, I am so glad we are here to cheer in the new year together and get back to the business of stitching and...you know the rest!  I have come to have a much deeper appreciation for my family and my faith. I am really looking forward to 2010 and what that year is going to bring. Break out the party hats!
 I have been watching ABC Stitches website and on her shop's home page is a virtual tour. Wow! Talk about inspiration! She has so many stunning models to view it really gets the creative juices flowing. So when I post this blog update, I'm headed back to my stash to get ready for the next big project. BTW-I will post the completed picture of Coffee Buzz this weekend, it is almost finished.
 The picture is of my kids having a gay ole time on Christmas Eve! Crazy things that they are. Gianna (the blonder one) just turned 21 on the 23rd. Heaven help me! Then there's Gabrielle who is 19 and our family's version of Carol Burnette meets Robin Williams.  Then there are my boys, Dominic (14) and Demitri (17) who do their level best to keep the girls in check. Demitri has informed me that keeping up with Gianna is really difficult and a full time job! Like I didn't know that! LOL!They ceratinly did their part to keep things lively. So to you and yours, Happy New Year and may God bless you.
 Until next time, TTFN!

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  1. What a great picture of your kiddos!! I love it! You've got a beautiful family, with beautiful names too :-)
    I'm so happy 2009 is over as well! The world is just such a mess right now, but I've got a heart full of hope for 2010!