Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh My Gosh....It's August

  Hey there everyone! I am so sorry. I did not mean to be away for three weeks! Yikes! Where did the time go...
  Well to catch up a bit, last post saw me leaving on a trip for work. I was supposed to return home on Friday evening but noooo! I didn't make it home until Sunday afternoon. One cancelled flight after another due to weather. But in the end, woo hoo I got home.
  While I was traveling I decided to take a needlepoint project with me, just in case (boy was I glad I did!). So, while I haven't been blogging, I have been stitching. He is almost finished. I haven't stopped working on him since I picked him up. I had promised each of my kids that I would stitch each of them a cross stitch Santa and a needlepoint Santa pillow. Well, when this one is complete I will have all four needle point Santas finished!! Yay me! I will still need to finish one more cross stitch Santas though, I have that one planned for next year.
  This weekend is the Rocky Mountain Shop Hop. I was able to take Friday off from work and spend the day hopping to all seven stores. I am very pleased to report that I completed it in four hours! This is because my sweetheart was willing to drive me (I promised him a beer of his choice for each stop, once we got home of course)! We had a ton of fun! When we got home, after a stop at the liquor store, he received his reward. All well that ends well:) I want to add that he  actually came in to each shop with me and was very participatory throughout the whole thing. He is a really good sport. The picture above is of my winter quilt project thanks to the hop. They created a toile themed for Colorado! Oh how I love toile!
  This past week was also registration for high school for my sophomore. Wow! Where did summer go? When we were checking in the secretary said " Only one this year? " That's when it hit me, only one! I haven't had only one in nearly 20 years. Yikes! Normally registration includes writer's cramp from filling out all the paperwork times 4 kids. No hand pain this year. Sniff!  Did I mention I miss refrigerator art and macaroni necklaces? My sweetie says I need to stitch more the feeling will pass (he says this as he performs a happy dance). I suppose so eventually.
  Well, I think that catches things up pretty well for now. So until next time, TTFN!

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  1. Nice Santa!! That's so cool that you've stitched one Santa for each kid. And a xs one too -- wow! The quilt shop hop sounds like it was fun. So nice that your DH was willing to drive and participate like that. I agree with you on missing little kids. And missing them as they go off to college too. I just have one left, but I started with 2. lol! 2 more years with the last one and then it's empty nest time. Eeek!