Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oooo Where Did The Time Go?

  Good evening everyone! Gosh, once again I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone. I started out working on Block 4 of my quilt, then the hubby went on vacation and before I know it, Boom!two weeks have passed and Block 4 is not quite put together. I will say that the living room is painted as are the base boards, the chicken coop has been rebuilt, and there have been several fishing trips and trail rides:) We have actually gone out on 5 trail rides in the last two weeks! Our horses aren't sure just what has happened to their quiet routine but something has changed. Actually, they really love the added time and attention, not to mention the yummy carrots that come at the end of a good ride. This is my old man, Shadow. Have I mentioned, I Love My Horse?! It's true and he loves me. I am a very lucky girl to be loved by both a really good man And a really good horse. Sniff:)
 This past weekend we got together with my mother-in-law for a family dinner. Since my son, Demitri, has Celiac disease, she leaves most of the cooking to me. Our family loves mushrooms in most anything but Demitri especially loves stuffed mushrooms. Most recipes call for bread crumbs but I came across a great recipe without them. The website is: www.suretalent-books.com/recipes. It is called Herb and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms. When I make them, I omit the pine nuts for a flavor that is not so pesto-ish. We really love them!
  I will get a picture up of my progress on my quilt on the next update, promise. Well until next time, TTFN!


  1. Your horse is so pretty! I'm always envious to hear of people who own their own horses. It was a dream of mine as a kid. Now I'm too citified (or suburbified?) to feel the need, but I still love them!

    I think summer is the hardest time to get anything done, don't you think? We have a friend with Celiac disease. I'm going to have to copy down this recipe! Thanks!

  2. Your horse is so pretty. I don't think that I've seen one spotted like that. In a dream world, my daughter would live in the country and have a horse.

    I'll have to check out that recipe. We're mushroom fanatics around here.