Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Monday, June 15, 2009

He is starting to take shape!

It's been far longer than I expected since my last update. I gave up waiting for the kids to remember to let me use their camera so yesterday I went and bought my own. Please excuse the graininess of the photo but i will keep practicing. The tree this Santa has in his pack has 9 different greens in it. Some are non-blended colors and others are blended. It makes for slow going but I am determined to have him finished by the end of summer.

I have discovered a new and really wonderful blog site called Needleprint. I read about it on the Sampler Stitcher's blog site and had to check it out for myself. Wow! I too don't know how I missed this one but if you have the time do check it out. What a wonderful collection of Ackworth School samplers and information about newly charted antique samplers.

There is a sampler available for free with the request of a donation on the Needprint blog site. Mary Wigham is simply stunning. The money generated from the donations will go towards the care and continued preservation of Mary's sampler. If you are a sampler enthusiast be sure to consider adding this one to your stash and donate to a fine cause that speaks to the heart of all needlework lovers. After all it is that heritage that allows use to move forward into new creative needlework territory.

I have also put up a picture of my "girls". We live out in the country and keep a variety of critter friends around. My "girls" as I call them are an assortment of hens. They are a lot of fun and actually require very little work. My family and friends enjoy the fresh eggs they give us. The eggs are every color under the sun! Blue, green, buff, white and brown! Easter eggs on a daily basis....

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