Happy to Stitch

Happy to Stitch
Stitching Again

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happily stitching away!

Hello everyone! So after many months of enjoying and being inspired by beautiful projects on great blogsites, I have decided to jump in and join the blogging fun! I have very recently finished several samplers and decided it was time to switch gears and do something completely different. Christmas project to the rescue! I pulled our about 10 different Santas, yes I know, that's a lot of Santas. I spread them all out and over a couple of days narrowed them down to just 3. I got the husband to come and make the final decision. Here he is! Santa's Forest Friends (by Kooler Design Studios). I am about two weeks into him and really like the way he is shaping up. I must admit though, I had forgotten how much I really tire of 1/4 stitches! Oh well right? Thank goodness for linen.

I am hoping to put in some quality time this weekend and make some major stitching progress. The forcast is much cooler weather so you know what that means, stitching time! Hey before I call it a night, Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

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